Who are we

LivelyWood Pictures started in 2011, with the initial notion that if you can't find the work, make it!

A media production company made up of videographers, photographers, multi-talented actors and more, LWP produces a variety of work from theatre, music videos, trailers and so much more.

LWP excels in creating online content, which can give your business or talent increased virality, with the ever growing nature of online sharing. We love our social media we do!

What we can do

LivelyWood Pictures offers a range of video and production services.

We have created promo trailers, music videos, wedding videos, projections, theatre productions, events, short films, timelapses, VTs, DVDs... The list goes on, and continues to grow.

To see what we can do for you, click 'more' below. If it isn't covered there, contact us and we may be able to arrange something for you. We can cover almost all areas of your production needs within our limitations.