Bracknell's Got Talent

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Since 2013, LWP has teamed up with South Hill Park to produce Bracknell's Got Talent.

On this page, you can find everything about Bracknell's Got Talent, from the current application form (if applications are open), to the VTs produced for each act.

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Bracknell's Got Talent is currently on hiatus. Please come back soon to find out when the next competition will be.



2015 Finalists: Samuel Johnson (Solo Singer); Misty (Solo Singer); Amber Matthews (Solo Singer + Guitar); Jack Bennett (Solo Singer + Guitar); Priya-Marie (Solo Singer); Leanna Gage (Solo Singer + Piano); Sammy (Solo Singer); Busker Bill (Solo Singer); Heather Cameron-Hayes (Solo Singer + Piano); The Wonder Years (Rock Chorus).

Winner: Leanna Gage
Second Place: Sammy Graham
Third Place: Heather Cameron-Hayes
Audience Vote: Amber Matthews


2014 Finalists: Unleashed (Street Dance); Vicki Sayers (Solo Singer); BaseCamp (Band); Bill Heffill aka Busker Bill (Solo Singer); David Baker aka The Voices of Dave (Speciality Act); Ellie Littlewood (Contemporary/Lyrical Dance); Lydia Shute (Solo Singer); Sascha Peters (Solo Singer); Tiffany Cadman (Solo Singer); Laura Maryon (Solo Singer).

Winner: BaseCamp
Second Place: Vicki Sayers
Third Place: Unleashed
Audience Vote: Busker Bill

2012 & 2013

2013 Finalists: BaseCamp (Band); PJ (Eclectic Dance); Leanna Gage (Piano + Solo Singer); StyleFree Felix C (Freestyle Dance); Rachana (Musical Theatre); Lorenzo (Guitar + Solo Singer); Lacey (Solo Singer); Humphrey Sitima (Guitar + Solo Singer); Fran Greenhow (Solo Singer); Ellie & Georgia (Duet Singers).

Winner: StyleFree Felix C
Second Place: Leanna Gage
Third Place: Humphrey Sitima
Audience Vote: Rachana